How will the blockchain technology revolutionize the global economy?

1. AI
AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI is the future of inventions and innovations. AI claimed the top spot on the list of most cutting-edge technologies. Artificial intelligence refers to programmed algorithms that automatically parse and apply knowledge. It's the largest force in emerging technology, and includes security and sales applications for businesses.

2. 5G
Implementation of technologies requires speed and a promising UX. 5G offers improvements over 4G, such as low latency, intelligent power consumption and high device density. 5G will make augmented reality, smart cities and connected vehicles possible.

3. IoT
The Internet of Things combines information from connected devices and allows for analytics of systems. These platforms, devices and datasets provide additional insights and efficiencies for the enterprise.

4. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
AR and VR transform how people engage with machines, data and each other. The enterprise is using mixed reality, AI and sensor technologies to enhance execution flexibility, operational efficiency and individual productivity. AR and VR also holds a promising future in education and medical sector.

5. Robotics
Robotics are shifting from industrial use to service delivery and are impacting home and businesses, both physically and virtually.

6. Blockchain
Blockchain is the future of currency and transactions. There's an ever-increasing need to be able to secure and manage transactions across the internet, and blockchain is the answer. Blockchain manages data and supply chain challenges.

7. Natural Language Processing
NLP is a field of AI that enables computers to analyse and understand human language. Speech-to-text converts human language into a programming language. Text-to-speech converts a computer operation to an audible response.

8. Serverless Computing
Serverless computing, or Function as a Service, allows companies to build applications that scale in real time so that they can respond to demand that can change instantly depending on orders of magnitude. FaaS offers a consumption-based platform so that developers can quickly and cost effectively deploy applications.

9. Biometrics
Security will be improved by biometrics by allowing people and devices to authenticate and move seamlessly through the world.

10. Quantum Computing
Our ability to process and analyse big data will be impacted by quantum computing. It is the key to leveraging machine learning and the power of AI.